We are a budding IT(Information Technology) company based at the eastern shores of lake victoria, Kisumu. Founded in the year 2012, we at Atom Isys are committed to 
Empowering Business Transformation. This is why we seek to expand our expertise by recruiting dynamic and creative minds with the knowhow and knack for success.

Our ultimate goal is to recruit a vast talent pool in information systems across the country inorder to offer optimal solutions. Our name, Atom Isys -Atom Information Systems- 
acts as a principle guide for our company's conduct in seeking to integrate its products and services inorder to create customized solutions that allow you to undertake 
technology-based business transformation. This will allow your business reorganization in line with today's dynamic digital business environment. In return, this would enable us 
create a reputable name in the industry locally as well as globally.
At Atom Isys, we are guided by four core values 
⦁	innovation
⦁	integrity
⦁	simplicity
⦁	quality
Our goal is to enable you grow and develop your business in line with your goals, especially in moments of changing markets and increasing competitive pressure. 
We seek to enable you make your business more simple and competitive. We build successful solutions for your business, based on efficient and innovative technologies. 
We strive to clearly understand your needs as a unique player in the market and are focused in your success.
Now more than ever it is important for your business to have an Information Technology solutions partner who can help you accomplish more of your IT goals, achieve 
new efficiencies and realize cost savings every step of the way.Our objective is to build a true partnership around your specific needs so that we can effectively 
put our technologies to work for you. With Atom Isys as your partner, we are confident you will improve your business' efficiency, cost effectiveness and competitive 
edge. Whether you or your company needs fast access to essential technologies or the support of technical experts for strategic planning and deployment of solutions, 
Atom Isys can help.

About Atom Isys

We are a budding IT(Information Technology) company based at the

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